Agnes Tapolyai
Brewery Volunteer with Ninja-level Sneak Up Skills

Agnes Tapolyai

Well it all started in 1989 in west palm beach FL where a young Hungarian peasant woman gave birth to a future bad ass…. Agnes’ first introduction to craft beer was in Tampa, FL during college. After college, she started home brewing with her fiancé and friends. Not long after, they both decided we wanted to become more involved with the craft beer community.
Shortly after Agnes moved to Colorado, she found a job as a histologist but also started interning at Ursula where she met her brewing sensei, Dave. When not brewing, Agnes can be found working out because according to her, “let’s face it, how else am I, madame 5 foot nothing, suppose to freaking help heave kegs three high in a tiny ass freezer?!” She has also taken up photography, may of which can be scene on our Ursula’s social media pages and website.

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